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Note: I’ve received a few emails saying the support at Flixpress is pretty bad. Therefore, I recommend only using the free version. If anyone at Flixpress reads this, then I can supply emails of disgruntled buyers. Apparently, your support is not very supportive!

Flixpress Free
I do quite a lot of video marketing as a way of promoting offers, y’know the sort of thing, usually Clickbank, JVZoo and Warrior+ products and sometimes I need a bit more of a polished look to my videos. I use several different YouTube accounts to keep genres together and stay relevant to that channel. It’s not really good practice to promote a health product on the same channel as a promotion for list building techniques…it all gets a bit confusing – for me anyway!

So, a different intro for each channel makes sense. I’m talking about those little 5 second intros that showcase your brand or website. You can of course go to and get one made for, well, a fiver, but why do that when you can get one for free? It doesn’t have to be complicated, just a quick opening announcement of who your are. The shorter the better.

I came across which is an online video production studio. It’s about as easy as it gets too! Just register an account (it’s free) and away you go. Below is a breakdown of the process to make one of these free intros. I’ve gone for the shortest playback available which is around 10 seconds…a little long but you can crop it in your video editor if you’re able to do so…if not, a 10 second intro isn’t the end of the world.

Firstly, go to Flixpress and sign up for an account. Once you receive an email confirmation, you’re all good to go.

Now log in and go to the ‘Automated Template‘ tab.

flixpress automated templates
This will now take you to where the magic happens. Here you will find a list on the left hand side showing the types of video that Flixpress can produce. The one we’re interested in is the ‘Free Templates‘ one at the bottom of the list.

flixpress free templates


All the other templates are ‘paid for‘ but are still pretty cheap and you have total control over the text inside those templates. People on Fiverr charge $5, $10, $20 and upwards simply by buying the Pro version of Flixpress at $50 and then simply take orders, hop over here and produce a video in minutes. (Note: See note at top of post)r

But I digress…after clicking the ‘Free Templates’ text, we move onto the free videos.

flixpress free intro choice

The next screen brings up 9 free options (only 8 seen here, but there are 9…promise!) all with differing themes. Some are quite long for an intro, but I guess if you have a long video, a good introduction is probably merited.

My videos can range from 2 to 15 minutes and it depends if the product needs more promotion. But on average they’re around 5 minutes so an introduction is fine between 5 and 10 seconds.

flixpress preview

I’ve gone for the Cinema Info template video which is the shortest here…and it’s the simplest and quickest to produce. Clicking ‘Next‘ will bring you to the instructions page which are so easy!

The blurb also tells you that if you don’t save your video to your computer, it will be held at Flixpress for 10 days (free accounts) and then be deleted.

flixpress instructions

After going through the instructions (if you did!) you will need to click the little box to say you have read them and then go on to ‘Customize Now

You will then come to the video production page…believe me this takes all of 10 seconds to produce!

flixpress customizations
Choose your colour scheme, pick the Top Line and Bottom Line and you’re done! After doing that you can preview the video, but it’s so simple I’ll just go on to ‘Place Order

There are options to add HD for $2 and extend the hosting of your new video for $1, but as we’re going to save the video to our desktop, and it’s only a few seconds long, we won’t bother with them and just go ahead and place the order. The next page will show you that your video is processing and is held in a queue. No need to wait, just go into your orders page and you’ll see this below.

The one on the left is the video processing, the one next to it was a video I did 5 days ago. (note the typo in the image below…Flexipress? Where did that come from? it’s Flixpress of course!)


flixpress orders


When the thumbnail reads ‘Click for Preview‘ you can download it to your computer (it will be in mp4 format). It will only be about 600kb in size so won’t take long to download. Now just put your new intro at the front of your videos and you have a decent, quick intro that cost nothing to produce.

Below is the quick intro I did that took all of a minute to produce and download! Of course, if you wanted a more professional intro, you can choose from the Flixpress library and pay for one that’s in HD and produced to a high standard (I’m not affiliated with them). My intros need to be short and sweet and this is where Flixpress comes in so useful….not to mention free!


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