Is Affiliate Marketing Difficult?

The question ‘Is Affiliate Marketing Difficult?‘ gets banded about quite a bit…ever since the Internet was born in fact.

Let me tell you the truth…Is Affiliate Marketing Difficult?…Yes!

I won’t butter up an industry that has more sharks in it than the Pacific Ocean, it is truly very dangerous out there and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Thousands of good, honest people have tried…and failed. And there are thousands of other good folk lining up to take their place ready to be eaten alive.

is affiliate marketing difficultThe problem starts when someone is sick of going to work everyday and suddenly thinks they can make the same amount of money online…and lots more.

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it takes a lot more than just thinking!

I started with the same fool idea 26 months ago and left a secure job to ‘make it online’. The first 10 months I earned $160. that’s $16 a month, just around $4 a week or just over 50 cents a day…whichever way you look at it, it’s bad!

It took me a full 18 months to earn $1500 a month…still very low and only now, after 26 months, can I say I earn as much as I did in my day job. Don’t let anyone tell you affiliate marketing is easy…they lie.

I kept going because of 2 things. The first being pride. I made this big decision to quit work and drag my wife and son along with me. How do you go crawling back to your old boss when you’ve made such a decision? I could have easily got my job back, I was good at my job, but the reason I didn’t go back was the second reason why I continued online. Determination.

I kept telling myself ‘it will work’, ‘I will make money‘, ‘I will succeed’. The amount of times I nearly quit is scary! I’m so glad I continued and I’m still learning everyday, but at least I can say I made it work.

My advice, if your question  ‘Is Affiliate Marketing Difficult?‘ My answer is Yes.

Don’t do what I did and quit your job. I still have a steely determination to continue and a whole bunch of pride that I don’t want dented. If you’re not 100% sure about making money online, then don’t even try. You may think you have what it takes, but listen to your inner voice, your gut feeling.

If that feeling is just a little uncomfortable, don’t do it.

Do plenty of research, and I mean PLENTY! And do it long before thinking about quitting your job.

I’m lucky enough to have a great wife who paid the bills, although it was really hard getting by, and after saying all that doom and gloom, if I had quit in the early days, I would be always wondering, what if?

It  all depends on how strong you are, how much you want it and have a little back-up along the way. It’s not easy and every day you could lose the lot.

Is Affiliate Marketing Difficult?….You Betcha!

From the Heart of Experience in these matters: MoralBlogger 2013

Is Affiliate Marketing Difficult?

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