Internet Marketing Basics For Newbies

Internet Marketing Basis For Beginners

Who do you turn to when looking for internet marketing basics for newbies? Who do you trust? How do you differentiate between someone who is genuinely trying to help you and someone who is just after your money? How can you tell if the blog author is a person who really knows how Internet Marketing works or whether they’re just winging it?

I’ve been at this Internet Marketing game for nigh on 6 years now. And I’ve made a decision about how I will use my Moral Blogger blog in the future.

The blog was set up about 4 years ago and was mainly to be used to promote Internet marketing tools that I use myself and to, maybe, give a little advice on affiliate marketing or maybe spread a little bit of PPC knowledge that I’ve picked up over the years.

But now it’s going to be about how I just about manage to make a living out of this business. I’m not rich, I’m not even well off to be honest…I just about scrape by on around £1000 to £1500 a month, and do you know what? That suits me. Sure I’d like more, but the hoops you have to jump through to increase my income just isn’t worth the effort.

The Good Old Days Of Internet Marketing

5 years ago I was earning 4k a month by chucking up some real dodgy websites selling Clickbank products. When I say dodgy, I don’t mean in an unscrupulous way, I mean DAMN…those sites were ugly! I would write a sales page, smack in my hoplink a hundred times, and send thousands of links to the money pages by using linkwheels, BMR and keyword stuffing, then sit back and watch the money roll in. Really. We all did it that way.

But we all know what happened when Google put an end to the easy way of making money online. I went from 4K a month to almost zero within two months. Luckily I kept a bit of my earnings back from those glorious years so was able to look for other ways to make money over the Internet without going out and finding (Gulp!)…real work.

I had to start again and searched for internet marketing basics for newbies because I knew things had changed and was on the lookout for someone who could point me in the right direction. I swallowed my pride and started anew.

I couldn’t find anyone who was able to give me the truth, although a few Internet Marketers who’d been around longer than me did offer a few tidbits. But in the end, I had to just fumble along the best I could.

Why I’m a Moral Internet Marketing Blogger

Nothing really worked and probably won’t ever work like it did back in the day. I started to make a bit of monthly money by promoting weight loss pills (Jeez, who hasn’t?) with an affiliate networked called More Niche. I found the company to be pretty patronizing whenever I asked for advice. I then found out that the stuff they were selling wasn’t any better, (in fact worse) than the stuff you can buy in your local health store and it costs a helluva lot less. I stopped promoting their wares and deleted the 6 websites I’d spent many hours working on…I was beginning to believe the BS I was writing!!

I felt bad for the people who bought that stuff from my promotions. The products they’d overpaid for that promised so much for them, didn’t work…and I was the one who was selling it to them. I felt like a real douche. Some people can do this and not worry about it…but I can’t.Internet Marketing Basics For Newbies

Then I moved on to Squidoo (if this is ringing any bells with you, then you’re not alone!) and started to make £500+ a month extra by using Amazon Associates as my affiliate program. It was all going well until the carpet was pulled from under thousands of Squidooer’s by having their lenses deleted without notice. Squidoo was no more.

This was a shock to many who earned a full-time income through Squidoo by creating excellent, helpful articles and managing to earn a bit on the side as they were doing so. There were some talented authors on Squidoo who deserved better treatment, but were only offered HubPages as a thank you for all their hard work.

I tried HubPages but didn’t take to it. I felt all my work was being marked by a bias teacher and any little mistakes I’d made, grammatical or otherwise, would see me end up on the naughty step and my Hub being suspended.

I then went through a whole year trying this and that before finally settling on PPC as a means of income. I had learned how to make money using BingAds by sheer trial and error and I’ve been pretty successful at it. Yes, it’s a modest income but I’m happy with it.

You see, I could have gone down the road of making my own products and selling them on the Warrior Forum, Warrior+ or Clickbank, but do you know what…I just didn’t like that way of marketing, it made me feel uncomfortable. I actually made a 70-page PDF and was going to sell it on the WF, and it would have sold well, but in the end, I gave it away as a freebie.

Why Real Internet Marketing Isn’t For Me

I’m an Internet Marketer who dislikes Landing pages, funnels, OTO’s and the whole ‘come into my parlour’ scenario. I’m not happy with people hanging on my every word and trusting me to make them money online with an ‘easy method’…there is no such thing as an easy method in this game.

Those who find it easy, and enjoyable, are totally dedicated to the whole Internet Marketing thing and have a drive to succeed where most others won’t. I’m not one of those who is 100% dedicated. I didn’t want to become a teacher on how to make money online. I barely make a living with it myself!

Those who make products about making money from Internet Marketing and sell their own products to eager, wide-eyed newbies have my respect, but some of them also have my disrespect. Most of the stuff you find being sold on the usual ‘shiny object’ forums are complete BS or just rehashed junk that didn’t work in the first place.

I just couldn’t do that to anyone. Someone will think up a theory of something that might work, write a 15 page PDF about it, then write a sales pitch that promises that ‘this will be the last WSO you will ever buy’. Yeah, right…another 2MB gathering dust on the old hard drive. Been there, done that and I wouldn’t want to be the rogue who sold it to you…so I won’t and don’t.

I also find social meedja a bore. Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest and the rest…I don’t like it. It’s fine if you have a genuine interest in a subject and want to showcase it, but try getting followers and fans for that haemorrhoid treatment you’re promoting…some people do try this, but seriously…would you want your friends to know you follow a piles product? It just isn’t logical.

What I Do Now

I now only promote, as an affiliate marketer, products that I use myself. These are REAL products that are genuinely useful and things that people need. I won’t show you my websites because I’ve done that before and my stats went haywire. I also found a few clone sites that some folk had put up with the exact same content as mine. So, you’ll forgive me for not getting bitten twice.

Needless to say, these are the websites from which I earn a living online. They are websites that I have an interest in the subject and can happily produce content for. That’s the secret…having a real interest in your subject and being happy to write about it EVERY day.

Anyway, enough of all that…in a nutshell, I will giving out ideas, advice and scenarios of some of the Internet Marketing methods out there. If you want to sound me out or want a bit of confirmation on something…ask away. I might not be able to guide you in the direction you want, but then again I might.

Internet Marketing Basics For Newbies – I’m Here To Help

Remember, I’m not here to take any money from anyone. I don’t have funnels and I don’t have a subscribe form (well, I do, but not for selling stuff). If you want to ask a question, please do so on my contact form or below a post. No need to opt-in if you don’t want to.

That’s where I’m at. I don’t want to sell you anything and I don’t want your email address. I do this as a sideline, or hobby, if you like – more than a business. My income comes from Bing PPC and four websites that have nothing to do with Internet Marketing, but I use Internet Marketing strategies to make a living from them.

There was a time when I had 30+ websites, 20 or so Facebook pages, tons of Twitter profiles etc. etc. But it’s all so ‘last year’ and I’ve given up the hope that I’ll be an Internet millionaire…and that’s a great relief. I don’t have to try hard anymore…I’m happy with my 1K+ a month, and if it’s more…then it’s a bonus.

Yes I have a Twitter, G+, Facebook profile for Moral Blogger and you can follow me if you want, but I certainly won’t hold a gun to your head!

I’ll be starting in earnest soon with posts about what to do and what not to do in affiliate marketing, as well as how to spot scams, how to find what really works (and what doesn’t) and where to get free stuff to help you on your Internet Marketing journey.

I’m just any ordinary guy who makes just enough money to be happy. I don’t want to work a 9-5, do shifts and be just another number. That’s why I do this stuff…I’m free!

I hope you can see I’m past the grabbing stage and I’m only here to help or sympathize…because I know this game can be tough!

I’ve also, through my Internet Marketing journey, tried to find genuine people who I can relate to and be in sync with. Most are either trying to sell me something or haven’t got a clue about IM but pretend to be experts.

The ones that I like, and trust, I can count on one hand. Such, is this game.

Again, I’d welcome any comments.



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