Earning A Wage Online

Earning a Wage OnlineEarning a wage online is pretty simple, right? Let me tell you where I am. I’m happy just to earn enough money online so I don’t have to go out to work and work for a boss.


When I first had this dream to work from home and earning a wage online, I thought it would be easy. You see, I listened to all those flaming guru’s telling me it was a piece of cake, telling me anyone can make a fortune online. Well, I suppose every budding work-at-home person goes through this. They then realize it can’t be done and give up.

I handed in my notice from my job, rather stupidly, about 2 years ago, I was that convinced I could make thousands by just listening to these swarthy, clever ‘gooroos’ with their enticing sales pages and was truly hooked, lined and eventually sunk!

But I did not give up trying to earn a wage online…I just stopped listening to the utter junk these people were spouting, and just realized I would just be happy to earn a living wage.

So, 2 years later after packing my job in, I’m earning around the same money as I was then! That may sound as if I’ve wasted 2 years, but think about it.

Those 2 years have taught me that there is no magic formula to make money online, there is no get rich quick schemes and there are no money trees magically appearing in the garden. The lesson I’ve learned about earning a wage online is to only listen to my gut feelings. If an offer or statement sounds too good to be true…let me tell you…it is!

I only use 8 products earning a wage online and yes, I do still work 8 hours a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. So if you think you can earn money online ‘just like that‘ then don’t quit you’re day job just yet!

It took me 10 months before I earned a little money through online marketing, only because like so many others, I listened to the crap.

Only when I stopped listening did things start to move. I could have given up and gone back to work, but pride kept me going and a steely determination to make this work without listening to the usual patter pushed by unscrupulous marketers. They want you to fail because you’ll then have to buy their next shiny object or ‘one time offer’ to keep them in business! I cannot blame them, they want to earn money online too, but it’s not my way of doing it…I can sleep at night, me!Earning A Wage Online

So, if you’re serious about earning a wage online, stop buying shiny objects, or the next big thing…it’s a vicious circle.

Get yourself a plan and stick to it. I’ll tell you my way, and I’m happy with it.

First, I have 11 websites dedicated to certain micro-niche products that link to my authority site. Don’t let anyone tell you this is old fashioned, it’s not. It’s the way you do it that makes the difference. These micro niche sites only contain 5 or 6 pages, with hardly any backlinks. My authority site has a lot more pages and is updated with unique content every couple of days. Find a subject you love and make a site about it, it becomes easy to write about your subject if you have a passion for it. Very simple.

I build a site once a month and it only takes me 2 days. First day is keyword research and finding a suitable affiliate network or Clickbank product, and the second day is building a wordpress site and making and submitting 3 articles to certain directories. No backlinking is done on my micro site until it shows on page 1 of Google, and then the backlinking is minimal. I don’t even backlink from the articles until I’m on page one.

Admittedly, the keyword search can take up to 2 days to find a great one, but it’s worth it in the end. Just basic SEO and a little strategy that I’ve learnt makes these, and the other methods, essential for earning a wage online.

Second source of income is Squidoo. I write one or two lenses a day using great keywords that get me onto Google’s page one in a week. I use the lenses to link to Amazon and Clickbank products as well as other affiliate networks and my own sites.

I have over 90 lenses under 4 different pen-names on 4 different Squidoo accounts. This is fine with Squidoo, after all, authors commonly use pen-names. Then, 4 days of the month, I set up a huge Squidoo page that is packed with information about either educational themes, or personal problem themes. I rank for Google readers with my keywords.

Thirdly I use video marketing with YouTube. It’s so easy to get on page one of YT and the Big G these days, but I don’t know how long this will last, I’m sure Google will update YT with a black and white creature soon, but until that happens, I’ll keep making hay whilst the sun shines. Again, these products are Clickbank, amazon, educational and health products.

I take my time with keyword research for all my ways of earning a wage online. I only backlink to YT videos in bulk simply because backlinking to my own sites it too dangerous. It’s fine for YT (for now). I use Fiverr for just 2 gigs a month.

And that’s basically it. No need for a complicated plan. K.I.S.S.

Earning A Wage OnlineMy 8 tools are – Hostgator, Namecheap, One Week Marketing 2012, Jaaxy, CB Engine, Onlywire, aweber and the Canvas theme. That’s it.

After spending a lot of money in those first 10 months this little lot costs me $157 outright and $80 a month ongoing. If you can’t afford to pay this titchy amount out a month, don’t think you can earn a wage online.

I never release the URL’s for my sites, I prefer to stay in the shallow waters where the sharks can’t get at me, and I never release my earnings…why should I?

I could do a lot more, perhaps I should, but I’m happy earning enough to feed my family and go on holidays when I like. Surely that’s enough for anyone.

We all have to go through our apprenticeships when we first try earning a wage online. I just hope somebody, even if it’s just one person, takes on board what’s written here and lets the penny drop much sooner than I did!

Don’t be greedy, don’t be a dreamer and wise up…quickly!


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