Hi, my name is Gary Johnson, or Moral Blogger in cyberspace. I gave up work in 2010 to concentrate on making a living online. As I write this, I’ve been at this game for nearly 3 years and am finally making as much money as the job I quit 3 years ago…it’s been a helluva journey!

Before going online I worked as a chemical analyst, which is a posh name for a tester of substances used in car manufacturing. Before that I’d been a night shift supervisor in a food distribution centre and also been a milkman in my student years!

I left school with just enough qualifications to get into college, I was, you could say, not focused at all and lived a typical youth existence, not really buckling down to the 9-5 until I was around 23.

I married Kay in 1997 in Gretna Green, Scotland. No-one knew until days after the tie, much to the displeasure of my in-laws! My son was born 14 months later and has turned out to be my proudest achievement, and will be forever.

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