5 Big Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make

5 big mistakes affiliate marketers makeOver the years I’ve made my fair share of mistakes in this business from picking the wrong market to enter to blasting millions of backlinks at my money pages.

Everyone has to go through a sort of apprenticeship with any Internet Marketing. Some hit the ground running, others feel everything they do is getting them nowhere.

There are many, many mistakes that can cause the budding Affiliate Marketer to give up and never return to this unholy business!

Here, I list 5 BIG mistakes an affiliate marketer can make in the early stages of their Internet Marketing career.

5 – Shiny Object Syndrome

Oh, Boy! I think every Internet Marketer goes through this. You keep thinking there is a better way to make money at this game, a better and easier way than the method your doing right now.

Well, there probably is, but when you find it, do you still keep looking for another way, or maybe an easier way? It’s human nature to find the path of least resistance, but in this game they are few and rare.

If you haven’t made a buck with affiliate marketing yet, it can get frustrating and you feel you must be doing something wrong.

So, you look for the best course on affiliate marketing out there…trouble is, there are hundreds of them…all saying they’re the best!

If you’re struggling, and wondering how other affiliate marketers are winning at this game, do a little research. Find an affiliate marketers website high up in the search engines in your chosen niche and see how they market their products.

You’ll notice the ones with a page rank put a lot of effort into their work.

Maybe they have Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and G+ accounts. Follow them to see what they do so different to how you work.shiny object syndrome

You don’t need to buy course after course…it’s time to empower yourself and become detective!

If you have made a few bucks, why haven’t you ramped it up? If you’ve made any money at affiliate marketing…keep doing what you’re doing, only more!

4 – Niche Market

When starting out, most budding affiliates aim for the big money, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the big money is where all new affiliates are aiming.

There are just too many people trying to cram into that first few listings in the Search Engine results.

The latest weight loss pill, the latest make money online product, the best doggie trainer product. These are huge no-no’s for a beginner in this game.

Unless you’ve had a year or two keyword research experience, those sort of products are off limits…unless you’re one of those who hit the ground running; and if you are, do you realize you may just be a genius?

There is nothing worse in affiliate marketing than spending hours, days, weeks promoting a diet pill, dog training course or get rich quick scheme to later realize you not only have been promoting the wrong keywords, but also have to spend a fair bit on ads to get on page one.

Theres nothing wrong with those categories, but if you do go for one of them, make sure you go for low competition keywords with a decent, ‘gettable’ search volume.

3 – Not Enough or Too Much Competition

affilaite marketing mistakes keywordThat leads us nicely onto number three. Finding a good keyword can be crazily difficult…especially in the popular niches.

But you have to take a leap of faith.

Some affiliate marketers will target a brand name, some will go for a generic name, some will go for the whole product detail (Toshiba HDTV 125GTF56 Black), and some will do all this without researching the search volume and competition.

Keyword research has changed over the last 2 years and has evolved to favour the searcher, which makes our job easier.

Instead of every marketer under the sun going for the keyword, say,  ‘Smart TV’ and not getting anywhere, we now have a better chance of ranking for a keyword like ‘best hdtv for gaming’

Google’s Keyword Planner says the ‘Smart TV’ has 135,000 searches per month, whereas the longer tail ‘Best HDTV for Gaming’ had 490…a much easier nut to crack.

You may say only 490? Believe me, that’s a huge volume of people wanting to get to your offer or review.

Add in another 5 or 6 relevant long tail keywords with semantic writing and suddenly you have the potential to have 3000+ folks looking at your affiliate offer.

2 – Over Selling

At the beginning of this Affiliate Marketing malarkey, it may feel necessary to sell the hind legs off your offer, after all, you’ve done the hard work by getting the eyes to your offer, so you can’t let them escape without telling them how wonderful the thing is!

Bad idea. People these days are savvy to sales talk and if they see bold letters saying YOU GOTTA BUY THIS BUDDY! They will just click the back button.

If the page is just a couple of hundred words with a dozen offer links….back button.

If the page is just an image with a big ‘BUY ME NOW’ button…back they go.

What people want is an unbiased review of a product they’re prepared to buy from your site.

This is where so may beginner affiliate marketers fail. They just aren’t prepared to put the work into a truthful, interesting and compelling review.

As said before, you’ve worked hard by getting traffic to your affiliate offer, why blow it now with a paper thin review?

When I want to buy something online, I want to know everything about it. I want to know if it’s what I’m really after and, as everything isn’t perfect in this world, I want to know what problems I may encounter.

It could sway me towards this model instead of a model that has even more problems.

Be truthful. Write like you’re explaining the item to a good friend. It’s also easier to write this way.

Write like a salesman on crack and you’ll lose the sale.

1 – Procrastination

Now, I have to admit, this is the one area in my business where I’m still not 100% able to beat. It’s horrible!

You start the day full of ideas and creativity, you switch your computer on and it springs into life…you’re ready to go!

But…I’ll just check the news first. Or, maybe if I just watch that episode I missed of ‘The Middle‘ before I start.

Or, maybe I’ll have another coffee or maybe I really should check my emails first.wasting time on Facebook

It’s easy to say to yourself, “right, I’m gonna really get stuck in now” and then spend the next hour in your emails, checking up on Facebook or watching the latest viral video on YouTube.

You then realize you’ve wasted an hour or two messing around, so next  you tell yourself, “right, this time” but instead you’ve lost the creativity and will to work on.

You may have started willingly, but too many things cropped up…Really?

I’m a lot better at organizing my day now and because I decided to get in ‘the zone‘ at least 3 times a day for at least an hour at a time, my days are so more productive.

You will surprised at how setting an hour to do serious work will give you so much inertia that, sometimes, you’ll have a job to stop…and that’s a great position to be in!


So, that’s just 5 BIG mistakes an Affiliate Marketer can do, but it’s still just a small list.

There are lots more bad habits we get into such as not backlinking, not bookmarking, not setting up a video correctly, being sloppy in our reviews, not looking for the best offers, not getting creative and most important of all…NOT GIVING UP!

Tell me your worst affiliate marketing habits. Or maybe you have a way of cracking some of the problems above.

It will be interesting to find out how many of you have been through this crazy journey and are winning. It would also be great to hear from those who haven’t quite got to grips with it yet.

Your thoughts?


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